Roller Bottle Blend for Wasp Stings

It’s that time of year when we are all so excited to go outside. Whether you want to go play at the park, clean up your garden or rake the leaves you forgot to rake before the snow fell.

Unfortunately, us humans aren’t the only ones excited to get out and get some sunshine. Bees are happy to be out too.

Sometimes we accidentally step on one or walk into their nest. Wasps can be especially mean and aggressive. They can sting multiple times without leaving their stinger. Little jerks!

Why is it that the smallest of injuries can cause the most pain?

Here is a roller bottle blend to help ease the pain and discomfort from wasp stings.

Gently roll this roller bottle blend over the sting every hour until it feels better. Alternatively, you can get a spray top for the roller bottle at Got Oil Supplies. If you don’t want to roll it over a sting, go ahead and spray it on and let it absorb.

Add essential oil drops to the bottom of a 10ml roller bottle. Give it a little swirl to help combine the oils and help them meld. Then, fill to the top of the roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

Make sure you make up this blend BEFORE you need it. It’s not great to be in pain and have to remember how to take care of yourself naturally.

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  1. We go up to the mountains a lot on our Razor and occasionally one of us will get a bee sting. I’m going to make this up to put in our first aid kit. This would be a great along with a little mud to help the sting.


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