5 Best Essential Oils for Bedwetting

Bedwetting can be too frustrating, especially when it gets out of control. You or your child may not be willing to discuss this with anyone, as it can be quite embarrassing. But, you don’t have to endure the problem and keep it a lifetime secret. You can handle this on your own by using essential oils. The best essential oils for bedwetting will help you manage your emotions and your bladder movements.

I wish I had essential oils back when I was in high school.  Yes, I wet the bed up until I was in high school.  I slept so soundly I didn’t wake up to go.  How embarrassing is that?

Sometimes recurrent bedwetting can also happen around potting training time.  It’s hard for little kids to grasp right away how to potty train and not wet the bed.

What is Bedwetting?

Bedwetting is the uncontrollable urination that one can feel while sleeping. It is a treatable condition in which you can use synthetic medicines or natural remedies. Essential oils are among the best natural treatments for bedwetting.

How Essential Oils Can Help You Fight Bedwetting?

Essential oils have the natural ability to enhance your mood and influence your central nervous system. They can stimulate your brain to produce neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters help improve the function of your kidneys and urinary bladders. That is how essential oils can treat bedwetting.

What’s the Best Way to Use Essential Oils as a Remedy for Bedwetting?

Essential oils can work together with any carrier oil.

Things to Look for When Buying an Essential Oil

  • Don’t buy essential oils diluted with vegetable oils.
  • Buy essential oils in dark blue or amber glass bottles, not the ones sold in clear glass or plastic containers.
  • Choose essential oil products from trusted brands.

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Your Greatest Options for Essential Oils for Bedwetting

#1- dōTERRA Cypress Essential Oil

It contains pure cypress extract that can help support your bladder. It comes in a 15ml bottle.


  • It comes with a mild, calming scent. It is a good choice, especially for kids and adults who are sensitive to strong aromas.
  • Easy to use: it goes well with any carrier oils. It blends well with other oils, which means you can use it to make a roller bottle blend for bedwetting.


  • Strong formula: It may cause skin irritation. Proper dilution is a must, especially on children.
  • If you are a pregnant woman, consult a certified aromatherapist first before using this product. The same is the case for sick patients or those who are taking medicines.

#2- Lavender Essential Oil by Edens Garden

It contains 100% lavender extract which can reduce and control bladder contractions.


  • Pleasant scent: lavender’s calming scent will help you relax and fight stress. This product contains pure Bulgarian lavender extract with a timeless, soothing aroma.
  • 100% pure: it passed the quality standards. It is free of harsh chemicals or ingredients.
  • Good investment: it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the results, return the item and get your money in full amount.  Low priced lavender essential oil.


  • This is only a 10ml bottle.

#3- Young Living Marjoram Essential Oil

It contains pure marjoram extract. It can help you fight bedwetting by inducing a soothing and relaxing feeling to your mind and body.


      • It has a sweet, warm scent.
      • It is an excellent painkiller. You can use it for low back pain associated with urinary tract irritation. You can apply it as a topical solution to ease muscle tension.


  • Its ability to soothe muscle pain is not as good as the effectiveness of other similar items. However, the effect may be different from one user to another.

#4- dōTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil

It contains pure peppermint oil that you can mix with lavender or marjoram oil to experience a more effective relief for bedwetting.


      • It gives a minty and cool refreshing scent. The minty feeling will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed for hours.
      • It blends well with most oils. You can pair it with eucalyptus, lavender, marjoram, lemon, or rosemary oil. It does not overpower the scents of other essential oils.
      • You can use it in aromatherapy or massage, too.


  • It tends to lose its minty scent over time.
  • Some customers said the oil has a weak and stinky smell.

#5- Balance Essential Oil by dōTERRA

Grounding blend by dōTERRA.


  • Can help promote feelings of calm and happiness.
  • 5ml bottle so you can test and see if it is one you would like to use often.


  • Also since it is small, if you like it, you will want to buy more and it can take some time to receive if you run out fast.


dōTERRA Cypress is the winner for this round-up of essential oils for bedwetting. It has guaranteed quality and a mild scent loved by most users. It has the real smell of cypress because it does not contain vegetable oils. The solution comes in a dark amber bottle. It guarantees its quality and effectiveness.

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